While my own interest in family history began in earnest in 1989, my mother-in-law had been tracing her HARTER line for a number of years. She kept her records in long hand on butcher paper. My mother started researching her KLEWENO line in the 1970s and taught herself how to type in order to record the information she found. I began by putting information in a Commodore 64 computer (anyone remember those? No hard drive, just floppy discs). I am more a compiler than a researcher for some of these lines. Many cousins and other helpful researchers have shared information with me through the years. I am grateful to each who has contributed to this database.

Although this site has mostly bare bones basic information; I am including sources. The quality of my sources ranges from some quite reliable primary sources to some sources that are merely clues to be followed someday. Obviously there will be errors in my information and I hope you will contact me with corrections. One purpose of this site is to make contact with other researchers interested in the same people.